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Clash Of Clans Cheats for Android and iPhone ?

Clash Of Clans cheats, free brings you the jewels , unfortunately , is not current . Since the game is offered for free by the developers , revenues are generated for only those shopping for jewelry applications . A Clash of Clans fraud, therefore , is not intended by the programmers .
 Carefully before alleged Clash Of Clans Cheats

If you are in the network , eg YouTube Clash Of Clans cheats or hacks come, the promise infinitely jewelry , makes ample space . Here to hide hackers and scammers who want to take you through the tricks to complete a hidden signature via surveys or similar or spy on your personal information . Even if no fraud is Clash Of Clan , there are several tips you can come quicker for success on the battlefield .

Clash Of Clans : Tips for Jewels Free

As the donuts in The Simpsons : Springfield are the jewels Clash Of Clans for Android and iPhone / iPad the most valuable currency . This you can on the one hand , of course , buy with real money . In addition , there are some Clash Of Clans ways to bring you free jewelry . Clash Of The Clans jewelry that you can speed up the construction of buildings and progress faster in the game . Especially early in the game you should do all the challenges and responsibilities . For all tasks to receive their rewards . Removes all obstacles and items you find in the game . Often hide here free Clash of Clans jewelry

 Clash Of The Clans tips you quickly build your kingdom on
Like any free game 2 play too Clash Of Clans life friends. You are in a very strong clan, you can get free jewels in the game . To arrange this , although you stretch a lot , but will also be richly rewarded . The best clan may , for example, 10,000 expected jewelery, the second best is more or less 5,000. A lot of players can collect free jewelry by collecting trophies . The trophies she gets when their foreign cities to the ground and makes it conquered . In 1250 collected trophies you collect 450 free jewels in a clash of clans .

Clash Of Clans : cheats , tips , tricks and new friends
The purpose of Clash Of Clan is building a village and defend it . In order to protect the village against foreign attacks , also an Army correspondent, mages and warriors barbarians should be placed on the legs . Clash Of Clans joins the ranks of gameplay for strategy games in real time , as Age of Empires or Command & Conquer . You can then decide if it . Against the AI , then pull the computer on the battlefield or are brave enough to break with human players worldwide in the fight if possible Here are never alone in battle, but finds new friends and forge him a shock Clans Clan on. Here you can compete against good strategy game and communicate with each other within the game in a group . If you still looking for friends Clash Of Clan , their exchanges in the comments. #
 Fight against players from around the world and takes place at Clash Of Clans new friends
Before you fought with human players online , you should ensure that your village has enough defense with mortars , bombs and walls . Uses the first steps in the game to familiarize yourself with the controls and menus . The Goblin Fighter , the Goblin King himself in triggering at first you do not represent a major challenge , however, you should definitely set the Goblin battles in order to gain their first experience in Clash Of Clansfür Android and iPad / iPhone .

Clash Of Clans Tips for attacks

You supply your army to battle against human players together , you must ensure that the archers and giants , as well as balloons and archers can be found in a unit , the more times you attack an enemy , the more resources it collects for new battles . The appeal is, however , not only for the new Clash Of Clans units want to spend, but also its infrastructure. Neglecting it , for example , gold stock , you can store enough gold mined and wasted valuable materials .
 A clan is the most important element of the game Clash Of Clans
Pulling her into battle , you should not blindly loss all end units at once . You are not eventually leads the only commander on the battlefield , combat units . You leave your village in Clash Of Clans for Android and iPhone / iPad back unattended , you are vulnerable at this time and can be destroyed in the worst case of a single unit . So do not let all attacks on their defense out of sight !

Clash Of Clans tips for defense

Are you planning your own village , you must build the closest of all buildings . So you can focus on a smaller area you his defense . Built defenses can also take this way more buildings in the defense line .
 Clash Of The Clans tips you will come soon to victory
As with many free games 2 play , it also comes with Clash Of Clans of new friends . Look accordance quickly one, not lonely to go to battle clan. ’ s New Friends Clash Of Clans provide additional resources and you are in fights to the side.
Clash Of Clans tips for building
The Town Hall
Besides building your troops , you should not lose sight of the Clash Of Clans tips for building . As the vehicle Mobile Construction Command & Conquer series is the prefecture Clash Of Clans in the heart of your base. The City Council can be expanded in different stages . Depending on the level that you can build in your village its new building. Since the adversary can add it to the destruction of huge damage and town hall will also receive a bonus star , especially if you align the mayor for his defense .

The following shows that the levels of overview that the City Council in Clash Of Clans can build :
Step Costs Construction Damage
1600 2 1000 5 minutes
3 4000 3 hours 1850
4 25 000 2100 1 days
5 150000 2400 2 days
6 750000 4 days in 2800
6 days 7 1200000 3200
8 2000000 8 days 3700
4,000,000 9 4200 10 days

Clan CastleAs the game ‘s title suggests Clash Of Clans clans are the focus of the game for Android and iOS . Starting with you the game of action and strategy , he finds a clan castle destruído.Embora you have to spend a lot of coins , if you want to repair the castle without castle, but you can join a clan , or settle. Invest your coins saved for you as quickly join a group in the clan castle . Once this is done , the clan castle produces more units for you.

Clash Of Clans : Tips for more gold
Besides the jewelry is the most important gold and currency Clash of Clans take action . As in real life, unfortunately the money fills Clash Of Clans not alone . You may already accept the building based on an infrastructure well thought out in order to win gold in both Clash Of Clans may accordingly. Puts Golmine , the stock of gold and , as mentioned above , as well as protected as possible and centered in his camp . The gold mines , you should also update regularly to level 10 in order to exploit as much as possible of the mines !


Criminal Case Hacks

Criminal Case Hack

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Few days ago , detailing a trick to Candy Crush Saga , one of the games with more Facebook fans . Today is the turn of another game that became a sensation on the social network : the Criminal Action . For those who do not know , basically , is a title in which to gather evidence and find objects in the various crimes to find those responsible scenario . It is a very fun and addictive game , which has the number of people using it is fired in recent weeks .

Well, since certain missions appear very difficult for many players , we decided to give them a little help . So here we will explain one of the tricks of Criminal Action will help you overcome the challenges against very easily. How ? By slowing down the counter , that you have more time available to find lost items .


To begin , you will need the help of Cheat Engine , the software we use to deceive Candy Crush . Through this tool applies a deceleration mentioned , so it is crucial to have it . Once you have downloaded on your system , open it . You will find a number of buttons and options that you might find overwhelming , but do not worry : you only need a couple. After you install this utility , it will be time to get into the game .

Once you are inside , go to the Cheat Engine and press the PC icon that is directly below the File menu ( top left) . This will show a list of all processes running on your system at that time . Here you can browse the list to find which is the browser you are using to play Criminal Action ( chrome.exe , firefox.exe , iexplore.exe , etc. . ) And double-clicking on it 

Now it’s time to find the Enable Speedhack and tildarla option . By doing so , you will see a field called speed you appear with a number ( usually 1.0 ) . This number indicates the speed at which the game is running at the moment. In other words , 1.0 is the normal speed of the game , which makes the trial of Criminal Case counter challenges to behave naturally. This will be the number to be changed to perform the trick .

Unfortunately , the clock can not be stopped but can be slowed down to have a greater amount of time to discover objects and make more points . To do this , you only have to replace the 1.0 to 0.1 ( the minimum allowed value ) . After that , you just have to press Apply , back to the game and see the effect has been applied correctly. You will notice that the clock is infinitely slower you move and every time you find an object , all shown to be unstable . This means that it has worked and you can take advantage of it .

As you see, the trick is really easy . Obviously , I urge you to use it only temporarily , because the tricks of this kind usually take all the fun games . Now , that you enjoy.


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